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Prints & Specs

The attached wiring diagrams, Technical Service Bulletins, and documents are for reference in planning and using Everclear intercoms.  They are presented in PDF format for your convenience.  Call before finalizing plans to ensure that there are no changes.  Orders will be shipped with appropriate current prints and information.

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Data Sheet

Wiring Diagrams for Standard Installations

Intercom for 1-Car and 1 Master Station

Intercom for 1-Car and 1 or 2 Master Stations

Intercom for up to 6 Cars and 2 Master Stations

Everclear II Intercom for 8 Cars and 4 Master Stations


Mounting Car Amplifier in COP or Car Ceiling


Test Features


Installation Tips




Special Requirements

Custom fixture requirements for single-car hall stations

Custom fixture requirements for multi-car hall stations

Car station mounting requirements

Technical Service Bulletins

Partial installation procedures

Changing master station priority

Setting up a 7-segment display

The following information is available in PDF format for inclusion in your submittals:

Product sheet

Cut sheets

          Selecting your communications device (Reprinted with permission of Elevator World)


Test features